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Morden Festival of the Arts

Promoting the Arts in our community!  

Scholarships and Awards

The main objective of the Festival is to foster and promote continued interest, growth and development of talent within the arts.  Therefore, encouragement and recognition will be given in the following ways:

A.   A written adjudication and certificate of participation will be presented to each performer at the conclusion of the class in all performing art sections.  Visual Arts adjudication and certificates will be presented with the return of the artwork.

B.   Speech Arts, Vocal, Band and Strings: A letter grade will be used.  The grades are divided as follows:


                        Grading           Mark                Performance  

                           A+                    88 and above  Superior         

                           A                      85 to 87           Distinction      

                           A-                     80 to 84           Definite Merit  

                           B                      75 to 79           Fair Standard 

                           C                     70 to 74            Adequate        

Memorization required for A+

Verbal adjudication will be given individually or as the adjudicator decides.  Grades will be recorded on the certificates but not announced.

C.  Visual Arts entries, Vocal and Speech Choirs will not receive a letter grade on the certificate.

D.  Piano:  A percentage mark will be given and recorded on the certificate, but will not be announced.

SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded at the discretion of the Awards Committee to deserving performers.  Participants must perform in two or more solo classes in a given performance area of the festival to be eligible.  Visual Arts entrants must have submitted at least three works of art in different media to be eligible.  Scholarships shall be restricted to participants 18 years and younger.  Scholarships can be awarded in more than one discipline to the same performer.  The Festival encourages the use of these scholarships towards tuition at music camps, private lessons, purchase of music or musical instruments, books, art supplies or any other area which would further artistic development.

In all disciplines: Beginners and Preliminary Performers, Quick Studies, Sight-Reading, and Choirs' marks are not considered for awards.  Duets, trios, quartets and sacred selections are considered in a separate category.

Loreena McKennitt Award

Sponsored by Morden Chamber of Commerce

Recognition of $100.00 will be given to a music student that has potential and may pursue music as a career

For a list of previous Loreena McKennitt Award recipients please open  loreena.pdf .

Sacred Music Scholarship

           Shall be presented to a deserving performer in a Sacred Music class in each of the following categories:

                        a) Strings - Grades 1 - 4, Grade 5 & up

                        b) Vocal

                        c) Piano Grade 1 4, Grade 5 & up

Sacred Music Scholarships are separate from all other scholarships and performers need only to have performed one piece.

Scholarship for Duet, Trio or Quartet Performance

         One award to be presented to deserving students that have performed in a duet, trio or quartet in any one of the performing arts disciplines of our festival.  To be eligible, each participant in the group must have performed at least one other solo or duet, trio or quartet in the same discipline.


To be eligible for Provincial-National Classes, or Provincial Finals, the Snjolaug Sigurdson Memorial Scholarship, or a Morden Festival scholarship, a performer must be a former participant in the Morden Festival of the Arts PLUS meet one of the following criteria:

1.      Must be a resident of Morden & District

2.      Must be taught by a teacher in Morden & District


         Photocopies of copyright music will not be accepted

         Photocopied material will not be accepted except:


o  Where an entrant produces a letter from the publisher giving permission to photocopy, where an entrant produces correspondence form the publisher or music supplier, dated 60 days prior, stating a piece of music is backordered and payment has been received or where it is covered by the AMAF Cancopy Canopy.