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Morden Festival of the Arts

Promoting the Arts in our community!  

General Regulations

  1. All classes shall be open to all performers, whether residents of Morden or not.
  2. Entries received after the deadline will be refused.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  3. All entries must be performed as entered.
  4. All entries must be accompanied with the required fee.
  5. In the event of a withdrawal, there shall be no refund of the entry fee.  The executive would appreciate early notice of any withdrawal.
  6. In classes where the age limit is specified, the performer’s age is to be taken as of the 31st of December of the previous year.
  7. No individual shall be allowed to participate in more than one entry in any class.
  8. Participants must not repeat their own performances from the previous year's festival.
  9. The Festival reserves the right to switch a performance to the correct class if entered incorrectly.  Any performer entered in an incorrect class shall be disqualified unless it is an error in the program or on the part of the festival committee. 
  10. Students must enter in the grade level at which they are presently studying, or higher as of January 1st unless age is specified.
  11. NO ONE may use the festival halls for practice during any festival sessions.
  12. A copy of all musical selections, labeled with performer's class number, name, and (if in book form) page number or selection must be numbered, beginning with the first complete measure.  Participants may reclaim their music from the festival librarian only after the end of their class.
  13. A conductor of any festival choir may be amateur or professional, however, he/she must not sing, recite, or play with his/her choir.
  14. Any complaints must be made in writing only, directly to the secretary while the festival is in session.
  15. No photography or recording is allowed without the permission of the performer, or during adjudication, at any of the sessions.
  16. A performer must provide his/her own accompanist.
  17. Taped music should not be used in place of an accompanist.
  18. Participants may use test pieces for all solo and duet classes only once.
  19. Own choice selections for all solo and duet classes may be used only once.
  20. All copyrights regarding music must be observed.  Photocopied / handwritten music will not be accepted except where an entrant produces a letter from the publisher.  Photocopied literature is allowed under the AMAF Access Canopy.